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For Better Wellness & Hope
Welcome to Healing Minds

Mental Health Care for Parents and Families

At Healing Minds, it is our goal that no family experiences helplessness and hopelessness while trying to raise a child struggling with mental health challenges.  We can look just about anywhere and see children struggling with their mental health now more than ever.  Nearly 40% of all adolescents ages 12-17 have reported persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness.
My battles with mental health began in high school.  It took more than twenty years before I was finally diagnosed and treated for bipolar disorder.  When reflecting on my struggles both of my parents say they regret not being able to help me sooner.  They wish they knew then what they know now about being an advocate for my mental health.

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Niki Castle
For Better Wellness & Hope
What Healing Minds Offers

Transitional Family Coaching:

  • Help your child prepare for the changing road ahead.
  • Prepare your child for the new pressures and demands of college
  • Understand what your child is facing as they enter college as a student athlete
  • Time management skills
  • SMART Goal creation
  • Increase self-understanding, self-awareness, and self-esteem
  • Weekly, One on One or Family, 60-minute sessions
  • Additional, take-home resources and worksheets

Parent Coaching:

  • Navigate your way to a more content, peaceful, and happy life with your child.
  • Break the stressful cycle and open the doors of communication
  • Build a resource kit of strategies to parent more effectively
  • Gain compassion and understanding for your child’s mental health struggles
  • Feel more confident about your relationship with your child
  • Build a stronger relationship by understanding your child’s mental health challenges
  • Weekly, One on One, 60-minute sessions.
For Better Wellness & Hope
What We Address

School Transitions

Changing schools or going off to college
can be a difficult time. This is especially
true for student athletes who face new
pressures of balancing academics
while playing a sport in college.

Generalized Anxiety and Depression

70% of teens say the pressures of school and social media is causing them or someone to experience generalized anxiety and/or depression.


Understanding the LGBTQ+community
and the stress that comes from
discrimination, bullying, and

Teenage Behavioral Issues

This including defiance or disrespectful
with parents or siblings, fluctuations
in emotions and being moody,
and aggressive or violent behavior.

Unidentifiable Mental Health Challenges

Some things that are affecting the child’s cognitive, social, and emotional development are harder to identify than others. Gain more clarity as to what is troubling your child.